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“It’s the openness to life itself that we cultivate that frees us from our inherent and inherited conditioning, life isn’t about answers it’s about learning to live in the middle of complete uncertainty and doing so with grace.”


My name is Sue Chopping - A very warm welcome to my site!


I started practicing yoga 20 years ago after a back injury.  My background is in dance and movement and l grew up by the ocean.  I was inspired by the unique blend of ‘Shadow Yoga’ which incorporates Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi and Dance.  I study Vinyasa Flow, Somatic Yoga  (the Restorative counterpart of Vinyasa Yoga) Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Meditation, and SUP (Stand-up Paddle-board) Yoga.


I teach weekly ‘Slow Yoga Flow’, Restorative Somatic and Yoga Nidra Classes online and l teach classes in person at a selection of studios in London.

Rejuvenate with these upcoming retreats:

Image by Annie Spratt

The movements connect mind and body by following the breath inviting you into an embodied awareness of potential and growth.


To nurture this growth l focus on body alignment for grounding the postures and then balance will flourish.  Slowly finding a balance between strength and flexibility in the body and mind will reveal your true potential.  This is the essence of yoga, the ‘dance of life’ towards transformation on and off the mat.


I draw from a reservoir of wisdom and joy so generously shared from yoga teachers and dance and from studying for a BA in Psychology and an MSc in Neuroscience leading to a publication in the Journal of Consciousness.  


This gift of living a life l love carries me forward and l thank you all for being part of this underlying energy and flow.

I teach to a wide range of abilities from beginners to advanced.  I teach my local community, privately, clients with back problems, stressed city workers, couples, and the chronically ill.  I have led retreats in Dorset, Morocco, and Egypt and you can find my up and coming retreats here:

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As a gift for visiting my new site I would love to offer you a relaxing free ocean guided yoga nidra meditation. Please click Listen Now below, where you will also be able to download the meditation.

“Wear gratitude like a cloak and take it into every corner of your life.”


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